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Tramp Metal Detector „Barrier“

Tramp metals can cripple your operations, and the resulting damage to equipment can be costly. The “Barrier” tramp metal detector offers an economical and reliable way to protect expensive crushers, conveyors, and other process equipment from damage caused by tramp metals.

The „Barrier“ metal detector was developed for the detection of manganese steel in the flow of hematite and magnetite iron ores. It is suitable for iron ore with an iron content of up to 70%, as well as other highly mineralized or magnetic ores. Steel cord belts are also no problem. The metal detector automatically detects magnetic and non-magnetic metals and ensures troublefree operation of crushing plants in the mining and manufacturing industries.

This metal detector stops the conveyor belt for manual removal or controls an electromagnetic separator for automatic removal. If a tramp metal is detected, its size and length, the metal detected, and its position relative to the search coil are displayed.

The „Barrier“ metal detector prevents damage to the conveyor belt that could be caused by long bars at transfer points. There is a mode in which it only detects long metal objects of a certain length.

System scheme:

System Scheme of the „Barrier“ Metal Detector



Conveyor search coil 1D203


Belt clip detector module 1C503


Metal position module 1C301


Conversion module 2M409F/2M409A


Control module 3B409M - or -


Control module 3B409E


Operator panel 5E409