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Tramp Metal Detector | Model Oretronic IV

Tramp metal can stop your operation, and the damage it causes to equipment can be expensive. The Thermo Ramsey Oretronic IV tramp metal detector provides an economical and reliable means to protect expensive crushers, conveyors and other process equipment from damage by tramp metal.

The detector is designed especially for belt conveyors moving coal, iron pellets, minerals, aggregates and other bulk materials. It can detect all types of metallic scrap, including bucket teeth, manganese steel mantles, bore crowns, bar scrap, chains and tools. It can even detect tramp metal when buried in wet conductive materials. And, because it is insensitive to materials with high magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity, this tramp metal detector can be used in applications where conventional metal detectors produce an unacceptable false alarm rate.

The Oretronic IV tramp metal detector has a microprocessor-based control unit that automates system setup and calibration. The operator interface provides easy-to-read indicators and has a touch panel keypad designed to simplify setup and system maintenance. All operations of the detector are accessible from the front panel.

This detector also features variable frequency to eliminate interference from other electrical equipment, and password protection for security. It is not necessary to cut the conveyor belt to install the detector.

Standard Configuration

Microprocessor-based control unit
Receiver coil
Generator coil
Support frame
User manual

Optional Equipment

Belt clip detector
High pile detector
Tramp metal markers
Remote display
Speed sensor


Design Layout of the Metal Detector:

Design Layout of the Metal Detector