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Metal Detectors

Tramp metals can cripple your operations or contaminate products, and the resulting damage can be costly. For this reason, metal detectors are considered essential.

We are offering the following metal detector model:

Tramp Metal Detector „Barrier“

Tramp Metal Detector „Barrier“

Our „Barrier“ metal detector was developed for the detection of manganese steel in the flow of hematite and magnetite iron ores. It is suitable for iron ore with an iron content of up to 70%, as well as other highly mineralized or magnetic ores. Steel cord belts are also no problem. The metal detector automatically detects magnetic and non-magnetic metals and ensures troublefree operation of crushing plants in the mining and manufacturing industries.


Metal Detektor SHARK® TU

Metal Detector SHARK® TU

The metal detector SHARK® TU is used in combination with conveyor belts or chutes if they cannot be divided or dismantled. The side walls of the TU can be removed so that the sensor plates can be slid over and under the belt without having to split it.

Thanks to the 4-quadrant technology, the metal detector precisely and reliably detects the smallest magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.). The stainless steel housing is easy to clean and robust, making it suitable for many industries.

Certified Test Equipment for Metal Detectors and X-ray Detectors

Certified Test Pieces

Certified test pieces for metal detectors and X-ray detectors.