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Aggressive war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

Due to the war we do no longer ship to the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The following countries are currently not supplied and re-export of our products to these countries is strictly prohibited: Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Cuba.

EmWeA shows solidarity with all affected people in Ukraine and in all countries affected by war, dictatorship or poverty. We support organizations that are committed to the rescue, care and reception of affected refugees in Germany and Europe – regardless of origin, skin color, religion, sexual identity or orientation.

ЄмВеА демонструє солідарність з усіма постраждалими людьми в Україні та в усіх країнах, які постраждали від війни, диктатури чи бідності. Ми підтримуємо організації, які займаються порятунком, доглядом та прийомом постраждалих біженців у Німеччині та Європі – незалежно від походження, кольору шкіри, релігії, сексуальної ідентичності чи орієнтації.


In personal contact with our employees, the hygiene recommendations must be observed. We ask you to use video conferences and remote maintenance if possible. Our employees are vaccinated against SARS-Cov-2 and continue to wear FFP3 masks in closed rooms.

Supply Chain Issues

Even we and our partners are affected by the current disruption in global supply chains. If this delays your order, we will let you know.

At the moment there may be delays, especially with control units from the Oretronic IV, 20-35-NM-F, and Micro-Tech 9000 series. However, we can usually suggest suitable alternatives.

There are currently no problems with shipping.