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Moisture Measurement | Online Analysis | non-contact

EmWeA online analyzers continuously measure the water content or other charactaristics of bulk materials or liquids (i.e. moisture, fat content, protein content, collagen content, sugar content, salt content, caffeine content, alcohol content, coating thickness, …)

We are offering the following moisture meter and analyzer model:

Analyzer | Moisture Meter | Model IRPC

Analyzer | Moisture Meter | Model IRPC

The IRPC analyzer is an intelligent infrared sensor, specifically developed for bulk products and liquids moisture measurement. The analyzer allows to check easily and with precision moisture content in real-time. Other product characteristics (e.g. protein content, sugar, caffeine, fat, …) can be measured, too.

The analyzer consists of optical, mechanical and electronic parts, specifically designed to work in bulk industries, bioenergy and food industry process conditions.

Measuring Principle

The IRPC online moisture meter and analyzer is equipped with optical filters which are passing only infrared light with certain wave lengths. These wave lengths correspond with those which are absorbed by water (moisture measurement) or other product components.

A continuous lightsource with wide spectral band irradiates the material to be measured. A part of this light is reflected, focussed by a spherical mirror and led to the sensor.

By comparison of the reflected light of different filters and their digital analysis, the moisture of the product resp. the concentration of certain contents is determined very accurately and continuously.

A calibration plate is used for easy and quick basic calibration of the system.

Measuring Principle Moisture Meter | Analyzer | IRPC