EmWeA, Spezialist für optische Bandwaagen

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Optical Belt Weighers | Optical Belt Scales

An EmWeA optical belt scale is usually mounted into an existing belt conveyor or another suitable conveying system (vibratory conveyor, trough chain conveyor…) Optical belt scales continuously and accurately measure the momentary volume throughput (e.g. in cbmph) as well as the totalized bulk volume (cbm).

We are offering the following optical belt scale models:

Optical Belt Scale FLO-3D II

Optical Belt Scale FLO-3D II
optimal for industrial use

Model FLO-3D II is our innovative optical belt scale for stationary use in industries. This optical belt scale has a robust, fully wear-free design and distinguishes itself in a dead easy installation and a quick and easy start-up. The optical belt scale FLO-3D II works fine even with light-weighted bulk materials like e.g. substitute fuel or waste.

Optical Belt Scale EHS

Optical Belt Scale EHS
optimal for mobile equipment

This optical belt scale is especially designed for use in the harsh environment of mobile systems (crushers, screens etc.) The optical belt scale does not have any display or operating option. The included smartphone (shock-proof, water-proof IP67) with SensorManager app is used for data inquiry, setup and operation. A mobile printer is included, too.

For stationary resp. industrial use, optional inputs and outputs as well as a serial interface are available. Also, it is possible to go without the smartphone.